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Today’s society and the world in which we live, is a world that has irrevocably changed in recent times. In 2022, we are surrounded by pollution, division, violence, wars, addictions, and wealth inequality. These adversities we, as individuals, communities and society face each day have a significant impact on the worlds young. The challenges we endure are symptoms of a much deeper issue… our collective lack of awareness and consciousness.

Love Out Loud Foundation believes the solution lies in leaders of the world taking a strong position in acknowledging the psychological impacts of our physical environment. Whether it is Presidents, billionaires, CEOs, celebrities, influencers, key people in society who have a platform, or our peers, we all can make decisions from a higher level of consciousness.

We are creating more effective and sustainable support for mental health and mindfulness.

There are a number of reasons why the health, technology and education sectors have struggled to come together to address some of the biggest challenges facing our Young People. These sectors carry many onerous legacy-based policies and processes, which can limit help being offered, lacks regulation to gain government agency support and in some circumstances, ignore situations due to procedural ‘red-tape’.

It is equally important to recognise the burden placed on organisations who deliver mental health and wellbeing services, or products. The current model of not-for-profit funding pushes many organisations into environments of desperation to compete for funding and encourages individual solutions on mental health and wellbeing issues instead of promoting collaboration.

More and more we see increased rates in anxiety and depression of our young people. Many would like to place the blame on technology, video games, social media, generational traits etc.

However, there are many factors outside of these activities that contribute towards the decline in mental health of the World’s Young. Love Out Loud Foundation believe if health, technology, and education are combined to support the worlds young, we can elevate the next generation of leaders.

Love Out Loud Foundation’s Assistant Chairperson, Dolores Cummins, an experienced organisational psychologist, executive coach and specialist in change management, talks with The Foundation’s General Manager, Scott Austin, in the latest podcast episode, on ‘how uniting the mental health sector is vital in providing support for the next generation.’

My background is psychology and anthropology, and the Love Out Loud Foundation brings a very different way of thinking into the mental health sector space. Love Out Loud Foundation has a big vision to expand that support across the globe.

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Investing in the next generation is key. Educational conversations and sponsorship of initiatives advancing, technological applications and self-awareness management is an important way Love Out Loud Foundation can support impact within the mental health and wellbeing sector.

Donors, who can be any individual, community group, corporate organisation, investor, or philanthropist, can contribute towards supporting the mental health initiatives identified throughout the Love Out Loud Foundation ‘Venture Pitch Program’. The Venture Pitch Program is a merit-based program administered by Love Out Loud Foundation and assessed with love, by the Foundation’s Board Members/and Expert Advisors under a key selection criteria framework.

Individuals, Communities and Organisations are encouraged to identify problems that have often plagued the implementation of effective solutions within the sector, putting forward their innovative solutions as an independent project or as collaborators with others in the sector, or community.

Scott Austin, General Manager of Love Out Loud Foundation said, “With the world currently facing its most unstable period we have experienced in decades, our Foundation’s rebrand and relaunch from The Rogue and Rouge Foundation to Love Out Loud Foundation supports our journey to promote and fund impactful ventures for the Worlds Young highlighting how important it is to lead with love, understanding and most of all, awareness of ourselves and others.”

Nicole Gibson, Founder and Chairperson of Love Out Loud Foundation, is the driving force for why the Foundation has its place in the not-for-profit sector. Her personal story, which has impacted over 50,000 people globally, is just the beginning. “Whilst the focus is here in Australia, our Foundation is already growing, we have the wheels in motion to continue to make change on a global scale. Working with donors and businesses who have a like-minded vision and who want to be a part of our movement. A movement to create a better world for our young people. One which invests in their mental health and wellbeing and recognises just how important mindfulness is.”

Love Out Loud Foundation is a not-for-profit living by inspired action. One which offers a new way of funding with social responsibility and corporate giving.
The Foundation knows the time to take action is now. Some confronting statistics in the mental health space, show that;

Over 10% of adolescents around the world suffer from mental health disorders, including emotional problems, disruptive behaviours, and developmental disabilities; half of patients with mental illnesses first show signs of illness by age 14, and 75% by their mid-20’s.

Attempted suicide rates among Victorian teenagers rose by 184% in the first six months of 2020. The highest rates of suicide across the period, were for young people, aged 18 -24 years, which increased from 10.8 deaths per 100,000 population in 2010, to a high of 16.4 in 2020.

“Kids Helpline received 14 calls from children who were just five-years old. As we can imagine, that is a devastating thing to come to terms with. That our world’s young, even at such a young age, need more support than ever. Love Out Loud Foundation provides funding for mental health projects and programs supporting young people” Mr Austin shared.

Fundraising has already commenced with donor enquiries welcome. Whether you are an individual, community group or organisation, you can contribute to Love Out Loud Foundation knowing it will continue to generate perpetual funds every day helping more and more young people today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

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