We dream big, love loudly and mindfully pioneer new futures.

The Foundation’s impact is multifaceted and global reaching. Inspired by the next generation we exist to support; we dream big, love loudly and pioneer paths towards a mindful and aware society. And, we have the stats, people and track record to back it up. You can access statistics and resources here

Since its founding in 2015, Love Out Loud Foundation (originally Rogue and Rouge Foundation) has impacted 50,000 young people through community mental health projects.

Our current impact is focused on program funding and our pioneering donor-investment model:

Program funding: Our Pitches Program funds individuals, communities and organisations who support young people with mindfulness and mental health programs. We focus on mindfulness as a vehicle for young people to grow awareness, find their potential and ultimately act from love. Grants are allocated quarterly or as determined by the Foundation’s Board, through an application and pitching process.

Donor-investment model: All of our donations are ingeniously invested (mostly fee free, thanks to our fund management partners), where we maintain the investment principle and use the returns generated to fund programs. We pride ourselves in our transparent and timely impact reporting and donor communications.

Our Impact is Guided by the Foundation’s Purpose, Vision, Mission and Charter:

Purpose: Believe in and invest in the next generation. We support the World’s Young people to live a life of inspired action and lead the world with mindfulness, awareness and love.

Vision: Make a sustainable difference on a global scale to the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Our mission: revolutionise the mental health sector for the World’s Young, by;
1) leading with love – in vision, operations and action;
2) providing consistent investment with an innovative and an impact optimisation approach.

Our Guiding Charter:

Next generation focused:

We put young people at the heart of everything we do. We demonstrate courage and discipline by putting our vision and dream of growing society’s consciousness at the forefront of our daily practises, decisions and actions.

Aims: Raise the bar on mental health services for young people globally through the dedicated integration of health, technology, and education.

A mindful future:

We nurture mindfulness initiatives for young people ensuring generational skillsets are established through meditation and access to mental health support. We champion and practise the achievement of greater awareness in pursuit of societal systems based on love and compassion.

Aims: Mindfulness hits critical mass and becomes mainstream and is accessible to all young people. Mindfulness and meditation are widely known as the foundation of love, relationships, revolution and the future of our world.

Invest with integrity:

We believe in and invest in the next generation, the people we work with, and our donors. This rises from a trust in the pure human spirit of our collaborators embracing a shared vision for a love-based society. Our investment is multifaceted – from the investment of money for sustainable funding models, through to the investment in programs and education for young people; our future leaders.

Aims: Continual and sustainable growth in our investments through new and traditional means, amplifying returns – and love – for all. Reciprocate the benevolence and trust of donors and collaborators through responsible and measured investments and meaningful impact reporting.

Revolution is our status quo:

We invent, support and subscribe to trailblazing, heart-centred practises, processes and technologies that will revolutionise a new not-for-profit model to accelerate, leverage and increase impact and reach.

Aims: Revolutionise through (love-led) transformation of the usual not-for-profit operational and funding models in youth mental health. Leverage and promote technology for the good of humanity.