Funding Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for our World’s Young Through Collaboration

Love Out Loud Foundation is changing the not-for-profit sector for the better by introducing a collaborative approach to funding.

The Foundation accepts all forms of tax-deductible donations, giving donors flexibility in how they wish to donate while providing philanthropists, investors, groups and individuals a way to donate to towards partnership based mental health and wellbeing education initiatives. Donations are pooled and invested in educational programs to contribute towards preventative action, and investing in higher yield growth funds where the principal investment remains in perpetuality, the growth of the fund is then distributed to initiatives promoting collaboration and partnership within the sector.

The Foundation wants to optimise the impact of donations received building generational funds for distribution to initiatives in the mental health space for the World’s Young.

Love Out Loud Foundation Board Member, Chong Shi, Respected Fund Manager, and Impact Investor, said that: “We spend the growth of the fund, not the principal, which allows us to generate reoccurring revenue pathways. The way in which fundraising, and philanthropy has evolved over time, is integral to the fast pace of the changes to the not-for-profit sector.”

Love Out Loud Foundation’s funding model is one which will allow the Foundation to provide impactful programs and deliverable solutions and resources to the mental health and wellbeing sector.
Their ‘Venture Pitch Program’ will see businesses, charities and individuals have the opportunity to present and pitch their initiatives in a “Shark Tank” style or Venture Capital Incubator style process for funding.

There are two funding models implemented at Love Out Loud Foundation to support generational funding;

Donation Funding Model

Anyone seeking to support projects committed to delivering mental health and wellbeing initiatives to our young people are encouraged to donate to the Love Out Loud Foundation. Donations received will be pooled and invested through a series of high yield funds and educational programs, where growth is distributed to Venture Pitch Partners (Impact Partners).

Investment Funding Model

This model of funding appeals to sophisticated Investors, partnering with Love Out Loud Foundation through professional investment fund managers. Investment Partners can donate a percentage of their growth from their investment to Love Out Loud Foundation. These donations are pooled into the Love Out Loud Foundation donations, where it is invested into high yield funds and educational programs. The growth of the fund is then distributed to Venture Pitch Partners (Impact Partners).

“We are able to utilise the investment benefits and long-term benefits of investing in funds and working with investment fund managers to show our donors the ongoing value and reward of their contribution. Donors can know their donations are placed in safe and high-yielding funds, which allows our Impact Partners to deliver, high-quality and industry sought-after initiatives which directly benefit the World’s Young in perpetuity”, said Love Out Loud Foundation’s General Manager, Scott Austin.

Looking after our mental health is a big part of living a happy and healthy life and learning this at a young age is key.

I think that the biggest problem in the world, that the human race is facing, is – the lack of consciousness. We don’t have enough consciousness to use this intelligence to create a world that is good for all life on earth.

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“To solve one of the biggest problems in the world, which is currently mental health adversities that our World’s Young face, if we do successfully help with solving this problem, then it’s going to change the world, in a sustainable way, forever. If you change one generation, then that generation is going to become better people, better leaders, and better parents. Leading the change for all future generations to come, through a higher consciousness of meditation, mindfulness and mental health and wellbeing initiatives,” Chong shared.

Depression, anxiety, and behavioural disorders are among the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15-19 year-olds.

Through inspired action, and addressing unity within the sector, the Foundation is committed to delivering mental health and wellbeing activities, which can be achieved through an integrated approach of health, technology, and education sectors.

The Foundation is on a mission to create positive change and meaningful impact, we urge you to join us on our mission to make a difference. Together we can provide young people with mental health and wellbeing support services, and practise, that will give them to tools to the best versions of themselves. Our future leaders.

To donate, and to join the #loveoutloudfoundation movement, click below and be a part of this integral change – a change for a better future for all young people around Australia and the globe. Supporting their young minds with mental health and wellbeing initiative programs that offer much-needed support.

You can also visit our official social media pages and stay up-to-date here on the website, for the latest news and updates, as we make impactful change.

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