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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Love Out Loud Foundation’s Collaborative Approach is Revolutionising the Not-for-Profit Sector

Love Out Loud Foundation funding model is making a positive impact

Key Information;

  • Love Out Loud Foundation is changing how not-for-profits seek funding to educate and support the mental health and wellbeing of young people.
  • Love Out Loud Foundation, through partnerships and collaboration, is bringing together the not-for-profit sector to make generational change for future leaders.
  • Love Out Loud Foundation optimizes the impact of donations by investing in education and enduring funds to distribute to individuals, communities and organisations delivering mental health and wellbeing initiatives, programs and action.

The way in which not-for-profits are fundraising is evolving and Love Out Loud Foundation is leading this new change. The Love Out Loud Foundation, (formerly known as The Rogue and Rouge Foundation) is challenging the norm in the interest of encouraging the not-for-profit sector to collaborate and partner to deliver generational impact-initiatives faster.

To achieve this, the foundation has opened up its funding options to cover all denominations to suit donors preferred way of giving, pooling donations to invest in educational programs towards preventative action, and higher yield growth funds where the principal investment remains in perpetuality. The growth of the fund is then distributed to initiatives promoting collaboration and partnership within the sector. 

Love Out Loud Foundation, (formerly Rogue and Rouge Foundation), has impacted 50,000 young people through community mental health projects.

Scott Austin, General Manager of Love Out Loud Foundation said, “We are focused on encouraging collaboration and partnerships within the not-for-profit sector as well as across sectors. In the past charities have had to fight for funding every year, competing against each other, or potentially lose funding based on political decisions… Love Out Loud Foundation is committed to changing this so we can achieve more than ever before,” he shared.

“Our funding model will provide consistent funding to individuals, communities, and organisations who support young people with mindfulness and mental health programs and initiatives,” said Scott.

Love Out Loud Foundation’s funding model is a methodical approach to building a reliable revenue base that will support mental health and wellbeing initiatives to help our World’s Young.

Love Out Loud Foundation’s funding model is a methodical approach to building a reliable revenue base that will support mental health and wellbeing initiatives to help our World’s Young.

Chong Shi, Board Member and Impact Investor, said he is extremely passionate about helping people and solving problems.

“I believe that meditation and mindfulness is the tool to help create a world that is good for all life on earth. If we can introduce this into the culture, into the curriculum, into the schools and into the youth, I think that we will be able to create future generations that are much more conscious and loving, and make decisions based on love, and not on fear.”

The funding generated from investment is distributed through the Venture Pitch Partners Program: individuals, businesses and communities who have the opportunity to pitch to The Love Out Loud Foundation Committee with their innovative and inspiring initiatives for ways to enhance the mental health and wellbeing education and support of our young people.

Join Love Out Loud Foundation on their quest for impactful change.
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